About us

            IĮ „BN Tekstile“ is a corporation which decorates an interior with textile, provides very wide spectrum of services in thisarea: fromthe designing tothe suspension of curtains.
            The company operates since 1991 and specializes in the decoration of interiors of private rooms, houses also restaurants and hotels. The main activity is a retail and wholesale.
            Showrooms of corporation suggest curtains, accessories, curtain-rods, mechanisms made in Germany, Spain, Austria and other countries of the world. All customers can find the western style and technology of fulfillment in our company.
             The professional designers operative in the company assure the high artistic level of products. They consult not only at the showroom, but and at  house of customers therefore there is a possibility to select the most proper fabric, it’s facture, colors considering to the particular interior, lighting, requirements of customer.
            We are always pleased to make a deal with the author of interior - architecture. Sketches are prepared according requests of customer conducive to the easier decision in the selecting of pleasing version.
            The main trends of company’s activity are:
                The retail and wholesale of curtains and decorative fabrics, accessories, roman blinds, curtain rods and folding screens.
                Consultations of designer, projection, preparing of sketches, selecting of fabrics and sewing.
                Mounting of curtain rods and roman blinds, hanging of curtains at customer’s home.
            Our company has a pleasure to propose to the customers the wide range of exciting fabrics for the reasonable price. We can suggest the flexible system of reduction as well.
            IĮ „BN Tekstile“ imports curtains fabrics, curtain rods, mechanisms mostly from countries of EU, also from Turkey and India.